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Law Office of Rodney Gould June 4, 2020

When looking for an estate planning attorney in California, it’s imperative that you ask the correct questions. By asking prospective California estate planning attorneys good questions, you’ll be in a position to make an informed decision regarding your legal representation. Below are some good questions to ask when meeting with potential California estate planning attorneys.

“Is Estate Planning One Of Your Main Areas Of Practice?”

When choosing an estate planning attorney, you should first and foremost ensure that he or she specializes in this area. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that estate planning must be your prospective attorney’s only practice area. It just means that the attorney you ultimately choose to represent you should devote a substantial portion of his or her legal practice to the area of estate planning.

“How Much Experience Do You Have In Estate Planning?”

Overall legal experience is important when choosing your estate planning attorney. Even more important, however, is estate planning experience. Due to the complicated nature of estate planning, it’s imperative to ensure that the attorney you choose has a significant amount of experience in this area. The more experience a prospective attorney has in the area of estate planning, the better.

“Will I Be An Active Participant In The Estate Planning Process?”

A good attorney will ensure that you are an active participant in the estate planning process. Even if you are unfamiliar with estate planning documentation, it’s important to clarify at the onset that your California estate planning attorney will share and explain all important documents with you as they are prepared. This will ensure that you and your attorney remain on the same page as the estate planning process progresses.

“What Are Your Rates”

For most people, cost is a big issue when it comes to legal help. Therefore, you should make sure that you discuss this issue with your prospective California estate planning attorney during your initial meeting. This conversation should involve a discussion regarding his or her payment structure. Attorneys often charge either an hourly rate or work for a flat fee. A word of caution, however: don’t allow cost to be the only factor you consider when choosing your attorney. Consider each prospective attorney’s answers to all of the questions above when making your final decision.

California Estate Planning Attorneys

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