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When you prepare for the future, one factor that you must take into consideration is what will happen to your assets, belongings, and family heirlooms once you pass away through an estate plan. Your estate plan may consist of wills, trusts, powers of attorneys, or all of the above to clearly and thoroughly establish the distribution of your assets to your loved ones once you are gone. You may be wondering: “What happens if my loved one passed away without an estate plan?”

If your loved one fails to establish an estate plan before they pass, the responsibility for distributing your belongings falls to the courts, also known as probate. This execution of their estate doesn’t always reflect how they would have wanted it to happen, so you may find the probate process to be particularly complex without the help of an experienced Los Angeles probate attorney at your side.

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Why Working With a Probate Attorney is So Crucial

When you are an executor for an estate that doesn’t have much guidance on what to do with it, I can help you work with the courts to distribute their assets in an efficient and effective way. This process is often lengthy and filled with confusing legal terminology, so have a lawyer by your side to assist you can save you time, money, and stress. As your probate attorney, I will help you with the following: 

  • Assisting with the sale of the property
  • Distributing assets to heirs and beneficiaries
  • Obtaining appraisals of property
  • Determining and paying taxes and debts owed
  • Settling disputes between beneficiaries

I will also be available to help you with any other tasks and duties that can help make the process as easy as possible for you. You’re probably going through a very difficult time grieving the loss of your loved one, so I want to be there for you in any way that I can so you can focus on family.

What Does the Probate Process Look Like?

As mentioned above, the process can be very complex, and each person’s experience is a little different depending on how much of their property was left out of the estate plan, the size of the estate itself, and whether or not other beneficiaries have an issue with what the probate courts conceive. As a result, the process can take anywhere from six to nine months after the case is opened, according to the American Bar Association.

The probate process involves several “skeleton steps” that can be adjusted or changed based on your unique circumstances:

  1. An executor is appointed to administer the estate. If a will has been put in place, this is where this information is typically found. If a will hasn’t been established or the will doesn’t name an executor, the probate court will then appoint an executor.
  2. If your loved one’s estate involves a will, it’ll then go to court to be proven valid.
  3. Your deceased loved one’s property will then be identified and inventoried
  4. Properties are appraised to determine value.
  5. Debts and taxes owed by your loved ones are paid.
  6. The remaining assets are administered to heirs based on the decedent’s will; if there isn’t a will, the probate courts will make those decisions.

I have the knowledge and experience to help you reach a positive solution to your probate matters. If your loved one has passed, whether or not they had an estate plan in place, you need a probate attorney to make sure their treasures and belongings are administered based on how they would have wanted them. Schedule a free consultation today to get started on probate and seeking a favorable solution.

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Since 1991, my legal practice has centered around problem-solving. Though I’ve had the opportunity to work for companies like Starbucks or the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., my estate planning and probate practice in Los Angeles, California is the reason I got into law. That reason is to help individuals and families seek solutions for their legal problems. Call my office today to see how I can help you and your family!